Design Studio

We invite you to the future

        - and it's truly amazing.

You know what it's like, looking at ring after ring, looking for the right one only to realise that it hasn't been made yet.

You're looking for the perfect combination of stones, style and setting and you're wishing - hoping - that maybe someone has designed it for you.

Have we got news for you!

We have recently installed the most advanced 3D computer-aided design software in the Jewellery design industry giving our customers the benefit of the most sophisticated technology available in the world today.

Rings are only the beginning of what can be produced with this software. Every design we've got can be altered to create an endless number of pieces from engagement rings to diamond pendants and more.

Design your unique engagement ring in the comfort and privacy of one of our custom-built selection rooms.

We'll help you to make your dream.

Some Examples